It is our responsibility, which we do not take lightly, to lay this firm foundation in the lives of those who attend this institution.

We have a core of quality teachers and ministers with a wealthy Background of experience in ministry. You will receive both an In-depth understanding of the word of God as well as the actuating anointing of the Holy Spirit that stands behind it.
On graduating from this college, your life will never be the same, as you will become one of those who are able to affect impact and influence your community and your nation positively and strongly with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
At the end of one year's intensive course, a Certificate of Excellence in Leadership will be awarded.

A Pentecostal and Chrismatic Training Centre

BEULAH CHRISTIAN COLLEGE LONDON is a Pentecostal and Charismatic training centre for those called into Christian Ministry either as Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Missionaries, Church Leaders, Intercessors or Counsellors. It is also a ground for AcademicLearning and Spiritual growth for New Believers and Growing Christians to get themselves grounded in the basic principles of victorious Christian living.

The college began in 1998,. In response to the Vision God gave to Rev Dr. David Oronsaye for the training of Leaders and Potential Leaders in the Church for excellence in the performance of their duties to God and to fellow citizens of Gods Kingdom. And to meet the need for ministry

Training within the Body of Christ on an international scale. Its Prime Vision is to provide adequate biblical training for Leaders and Potential Leaders to be built up to the fullness of excellence in Christ Jesus.

Psalms 8:1 says, "O lord our Lord, how excellent is your name in all the earth"

The college has a prophetic mandate from the Lord to equip Believers to remain on the cutting edge of what God is doing by His Spirit. There is a demand for maturity and excellence in those involved in Christian service.

Ladies of Royal Destiny (LORD’S)
The dream and vision LORD’s is to raise up women who through their lives, words and actions exhibit the majestic nature and goodness of our Lord Jesus christ. Women like queen Ester in the bible willing to give their lives in service to make their world a better place for those who otherwise will be disadvantaged.

We hope to accomplish this through monthly gatherings, seminars yearly Conferences, where we teach and groom ladies improve themselves, become confident leading ladies, help them attain financial independence and learn to be excellent ladies who know how to care for their family, communities and society at large. 
Young Eagles Nest Bible School
This is a bible school for children of all ages who can read and learn. The aim of this school is to help students develop a clear understanding of Faith as a central Christian concept. Students will also learn how to develop a strong faith, and why.

They learn the importance of knowledge; distinguishing between natural knowledge and revelation knowledge These revelation realities are bible based such as Redemption in Christ,

The New Creation, Righteousness in Christ, The Indwelling Spirit, and The Authority of the Name of Jesus. We believe if Children of all ages can go to secular schools to be taught for hours, surely they can learn the Word of God which abides forever and is able to make them wise and good citizens of society. We meet Saturdays.

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