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​15 York Hill, West Norwood, SE27 0BU​​
Welcome to All Nation Christian Centre
God’s divine centre where lives of men and women are liberated from satanic onslaught and deprivation of poverty; a place where godly character and integrity are taught in order to equip for right leadership with lifestyles that reflect an understanding moral and scriptural principles that give an example to this generation.
About Us
We are a registered Church charitable organisation with headquarters in West Norwood London UK. We are committed to indiscriminately serving our community in a holistic way through a variety of means. 

Here at All Nation Christian Centre we always emphasis the importance of building bridges by trying to alleviate the social problems of our community. 
Issues such as exclusion, drug, alcohol abuse, racism and crime are a major concern.  And to this end have continued to work from within the London Borough Lambeth since 1992.
Our Mission
  A definition of ministry is meeting needs with love.  The reality is, everybody hurts.  Everybody has a hurt.  Everybody has a struggle. ​​

 It doesn't matter how nicely put together you look. It doesn't matter whether your shoes match your purse.  It doesn't matter whether you've got a great house and a great car and a great job.  It doesn't really matter if all those things are in place because somewhere in your life is a hurt, a need, a struggle.  Part of the reason this church exists is to help meet those needs with love.  
Our Activities
Serving the people with the word of God is not complete without meeting the needy.

In ANCC, we signpost people to appropriate government agencies that help the people overcome the challenges we can not meet.  help with foodbank for the less-previleged, give shelter to the homeless in the community.  Refer some to the best agencies for assistance.  Agencies like the Jobcentre Plus, the closest Surgeries and many more.
We provide support for prison ministry visit, counselling and advocacy support in London and care for their love ones

African Mission

All Nation Christian Centre in Nigeria, Africa

All Nations Christian Centre UK in attempt to fulfill its aims and objectives to the poor and needy not only works with, and support other missions to Africa such as the Abbey Missions, CFAN etc, but equally has registered a local charity with head quarters in Nigeria for the separate purpose of meeting physical needs and uplifting the spiritual education and fostering unity amongst the people.

We accomplish this through organizing annual schools of ministry that cuts across various denominations as well as providing material resources such as books, food clothing items etc and by also setting up and equipping libraries with books and computers and supplying personnel’s to train them especially the youths to develop into avid readers and learn modern technologies.

We currently have bases across three states, namely Lagos, Benin and rural Niger Delta areas of Nigeria, Africa.